Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guns, Abortion & Stupid People: The Blogging Begins Anew

I had no intention of my first post on here being a repost of something I shared on the Emporium. I haven't had a proper blog in several years, but after today, rant I shall: And ANOTHER idiot decides to go shoot up a school. What the freakin' hell? Maybe I'm the weird one here. Maybe I'm strange for thinking people have the right to live their own lives and go about things their own way. Am I a personal fan of abortion? Not particularly, but I have NO RIGHT to tell any woman what she can or cannot do with her own body and I will defend her right to do so at every opportunity. Do I believe in the right of the individual to own guns? Hell yes. It's a right, one of many under assault these days. I own guns. Have I ever felt the need to shoot up a school or kill innocent people? No! Actions like this speak to a sickness that pervades our society, not just a mental illness or an apathy but a desensitization to the value and sanctity of life as a whole. This is America right? The home of the free. Even here on Facebook there are plenty of places where you can see gore, violence and dead bodies aplenty. But god help you if you show a nipple. Where the hell are our priorities? There should be controls on guns, just as there should be controls on medications and cars and anything else that can be harmful in the hands of those too young or incapable of handling them. But people who want to kill will always find a way to kill. Whether they use a gun, a knife, a car or their bare hands. Thankfully no one died in that school today. But the next time someone uses a gun to kill an innocent victim, someone who can't defend themselves, or a knife, or a car, or their bare hands, let the punishment fit the crime.

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