Thursday, February 20, 2014

A little bit of teeth is a good thing

Not your typical werewolf story…expect blood to run hot.

The crackle of twigs snapping underfoot and the smell of fresh pine needles high in the Ozarks gives veterinarian Hannah Edmonds the peace she so desperately needs after a messy divorce.

Everything about her mountain vacation changes for her when she stumbles upon a beautiful, and severely wounded, black wolf.  Hannah nurses the predator back to health, giving him the care and personal attention she’s well-known for in her practice.

The fact that he heals far faster than any animal she’s ever seen before is nothing compared to the shock of being face-to-face with a mysterious man named Vaughn – the wolf no longer in sight.

Vaughn Richards knows more about Hannah than he’s willing to tell her.  He’ll force her to unleash her true nature when Hannah discovers a secret that could change everything between them.

NOTE: Contains explicit sexual language and situations.  This book is intended for mature audiences.  Do not read this story if these things offend you.

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All The Better To:
All The Better To:

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