Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 'Buy Me' Button, Mom & Why I Do What I Do

I just had an incredible moment of ‘Duh!’. My amazing site mistress who has done so much for me, including set up which I have given so little attention to that I should be beaten, has installed a ‘Buy The Books’ button up top here on the Emporium! Now you can click and go directly to Amazon, iTunes, the Sony store, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble or Kobo and get your fix of Christopher Southers.

In my defense, the list DOES update slowly, so not all of my books (‘Fallen Angels’ for example) are listed and some of my newer works (again ‘Angels’ is a perfect example) haven’t made their way to every location, but if you want it, it’s out there. Amazon has everything and Smashwords has almost everything else in my catalog in any format for any reader including your phone or computer.

The only thing I haven’t published on Smashwords is ‘A Taste of Joy’, the posthumous collection of my mother’s poetry. I managed to type it up and get it out on Amazon on Mother’s Day last year, but my intention is to republish it the way it should be, with photos of her life, scans of the original documents, many of which were in her own handwriting.

I want to do her justice, but right now I just can’t handle it. It’s been two weeks since the anniversary of her suicide. But it’s there, her tribute. It and everything else. I love you guys. Thank you for stepping into my world, for reading the things that I’ve written, for sharing a piece of my world that in some cases was so very intimate that I would have tears running down my face as I typed the words. Much of what I wrote was for myself. But you guys make it worthwhile.

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