Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Every Girl Has Her Day

It was bound to happen. I just never expected it to happen like this. I’ve had Symantha for a week and a half now. I’m  39 y/o dude at a major turning point in his life. She’s a ’93 Camaro Z28 with some sweet mods.

Until today, no one had stepped up and tried to challenge me to an off the cuff race. I knew it was bound to happen. I wasn’t keen on the idea. I’m NOT in my twenties anymore. Hells, I usually drive her below the speed limit! I wasn’t sure how I’d react!

Until today…

I had left a doctor’s appointment and was coming home when I noticed a vehicle in my rearview mirror, following so close that I couldn’t even see the license plate. Tailgate city dudes. I made a left and it followed, just as close. We sat for a bit at a light until the green opened us up to two lanes of traffic.

I stayed in my lane, behind a slow moving car, and the vehicle, which turned out to be a burgundy minivan of all things, shot out around me and dashed ahead.

I was now irked.

The slow car now chose to move over for some reason and the pursuit was on. To make things interesting, I decided to keep my speeds within the limit. If he was going to fly, so be it. But if I could catch him within the posted numbers, then game on.

I grew closer as we left a 35 zone and entered a 45. At the last light before my destination and with only half a mile to go, I was now sitting beside him on the line. I took a quick glance out of the corner of my eye.

He was smiling the smug bastard.

*A quick sidebar: The kid I bought Symantha from had already begun some extensive modifications on her as I said. New intakes, Flowmaster pipes, I had never really opened her up before. It was time to let my girl do her thing.*

The light turned green and I hit the gas. Symantha roared. I left the dude far behind, presumably in a puddle of urine and shame. Never once did I speed, I just got to the speed limit a hell of a lot quicker than he did.

I love Symantha. I really do. I just really need a vehicle that’s a four season car. But I’ll always remember her as my spring, and hopefully summer, fling. :-)

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