Sunday, May 18, 2014

Faith & The Ultimate Question

Talking a bit ago about writers using their craft to deal with the traumas in their life. I wrote ‘Fallen Angels’ for one reason only. Because my mother committed suicide. I remember so clearly coming home from the hospital, from the morgue where I had seen her for the last time, where I had run my fingers for the last time. Where I had touched her for the last time.

At the house was some pastor that I did not know. In an unbelievably misguided to comfort me, he put his arm around me and said, ‘Don’t worry son, God won’t put any more on you than you can handle.’

It was then that the last splintered and fractured pieces of faith that I had shattered.  If there was a God and he was so protective of people, then why had my mother taken her own life? I pushed away from him and organized religion.

There was no way that I could ever find God in this plane of existence, let alone stand face to face with him and ask him that question, the ONLY question that mattered.


The question so many have asked in so many ways, about so many things, in so many languages, for millennia. Why could God allow this to happen? I couldn’t stare God in the face and ask the question.

But I could create a character who could.

And ‘Fallen Angels’ was born.

There are many things in this book. Hope, despair, faith, disbelief, love. It revolves around an angel sent on a task by God himself, but it’s far from a religious story. If anything, it’s a story of one person, trying to discover for himself the answer to a question that he thought he would never ask. A question that must be answered, even if asking it is blasphemy in itself.


‘Fallen Angels’, available now wherever e-books are sold.

Not all who fall are lost.

God’s daughters have been cast out of Heaven, to protect them from Lucifer’s rebellion. Once the war has ended, Samuel, God’s most trusted angel, is charged with returning them home.

The fallen angels, born mortal, have no memory of their divine birthright. Each has led a unique life in a different part of the world, each following their own faith, if any faith at all.

As Samuel experiences life on Earth and witnesses the abuses that those nearest to him have been forced to suffer, his own faith, once unfailing, begins to fracture, and he too begins to question.

When the actions of a former ally prompt one of the daughters to commit an unforgivable sin, Samuel is forced to make a once unthinkable choice. Defy God and risk his own salvation for hers or allow her, and humanity, to be forever lost.

 ‘Fallen Angels’ is available at:

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